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1962 Ford Galaxie

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1962 was an exciting new year for the Ford Galaxie. This new model introduced similar body lines to the previous 1961 model with new trim and ornamentation design as well as a distinctive new grill. The 1962 featured stunning gold and chrome plated fender top ornaments exclusive to this year only. These new Galaxies were built even more luxurious than before with the introduction of the plush "500XL" models. 14 models were offered, including sedans, hardtops, convertibles and wagons. The new "500XL" model was introduced in the hardtop, and convertible models and featured a luxurious new bucket seat interior with attractive chrome seat strapping and matching chrome mylar door panels. This also introduced the first floor console ever offered in a Galaxie. 1962 was a year for performance with five different V-8 engine options. The Galaxie was available with the Mileage Maker Six Cylinder, The Thunderbird 292 rated at 170 horsepower, the 352 Thunderbird Special at 220 horsepower, the 390 Thunderbird Special with 300 horses, and the all mighty 406 High Performance and the 406 Super High Performance with a whopping 405 horsepower and topped off with three two barrel carburetors and oval air cleaner. The days of awesome power were now in full swing as a result of these new Galaxies. In addition to the incredible engine options were 47, yes, 47 different color keyed interior trims and 13 Diamond Lustre Enamel exterior paint colors. Also offered, were attractive two tone paint schemes. Three speed manual, new four speed manual shifter on the floor (standard equipment on 406 high performance), and Fordomatic, and the road proven Cruise-O-Matic automatic. The 1962 introduced the beginning of a very exciting new future in performance and luxury for the Galaxie.